Improve Adhesion in Battery Manufacturing Applications for EV Vehicles & Lithium-Ion

Improve Adhesion of Battery Manufacturing

Innovative manufacturers are racing to optimize electric battery performance & manufacturing processes. Enercon is helping companies in this industry develop surface treating solutions to improve adhesion properties of a wide variety of plastics, polymers, films, foils, & composites.

In this webinar, Enercon application experts will explain how corona, plasma & flame surface treatment technologies improve coating & adhesive performance, ensure repeatable quality & support high line speeds.

Topics for treating films, foils & objects include:

  • Activate surfaces of polymer battery separator films
  • Clean, etch & functionalize surfaces
  • Improve coating of aluminum (cathode) & copper (anode) foils
  • Enable waterproof sealing of battery housings & coverings
  • Improve adhesive performance in battery cells assembly

If you can’t attend the live event, be sure to register today so you will receive access to the webinar when it is available online.

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About the Presenters

Tom Gilbertson


Tom Gilbertson is Enercon’s VP of Application Engineering with over 35 years of surface treating application experience. He is widely recognized as one of the industry’s leading authorities on surface treating. Tom has authored numerous technical papers and articles on surface treatment and is a frequent presenter at industry events hosted by TAPPI, AIMCAL, CEMA, ICE USA, and the Flexographic Technical Association.

Wilson Lee


Wilson Lee is Enercon’s Business Development Director. He has over a decade of experience in surface treating applications over a wide variety of industries. Wilson works with Enercon customers on developing flame and plasma technology solutions to solve their surface treating challenges. Wilson earned an Electrical Engineering Degree and an MBA from Clemson University.

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