Why All Films Do Not Treat the Same

And What You Need to Know When You Get Unexpected Treatment Results
Why All Films Don't Treat the Same

The goal of a corona treater is to increase a film’s ability to bond with an ink, coating or lamination. But did you know that different types of film respond very differently to the same levels of corona treatment?

Some films, like PS, respond very well to treatment at low power levels, while others, like polypropylene, require higher power levels to see any results. And, when you consider factors like initial dyne level & different additive loads, determining the amount of treatment you need can become challenging.

Join us for this interactive webinar where Enercon Experts will explain best practices for running different films & troubleshooting unexpected results.

Attendees will:

  • Get insights on how treatment actually works
  • See treatment trial data for a variety of films
  • Learn why watt density is used to measure treatment
  • Gain techniques for troubleshooting unexpected results

All registrants will also receive a free tech paper, which captures the valuable insights provided in the presentation.

If you can’t attend the live event, be sure to register today so you will receive access to the webinar when it is available online.

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