NEW WEBINAR: Thursday, June 18th at 10AM CDT

Troubleshooting Adhesive Bonding Failures

Adhesive Failure vs. Cohesive Failure

When it comes to your health, where you go for help can determine the remedy. A surgeon might lean toward surgery, a pharmacist might suggest a new prescription, and a life coach might recommend lifestyle changes.

Likewise, when you have an adhesive bonding failure getting insights from an adhesive supplier, a surface characterization solutions provider and a surface treating supplier can provide valuable insights.

Our expert panel from Ellsworth (adhesives), KRÜSS (surface analysis) and Enercon (plasma/flame treaters) will share their best practices for troubleshooting adhesive failure issues.

Troubleshooting topics include:

  • Understanding adhesive energy
  • Using surface and adhesive diagnostics tools
  • Preparing surfaces for better adhesion

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  • Kruss's Using Mapping Capabilities to Optimize Plasma Treatment 
  • Enercon's What Plasma Really Does to a Surface 

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