New Technologies Make Tamper Evident Packaging Easier for Consumers & Packagers

Tamper Evident Packaging

An induction seal’s ability to provide tamper evidence while preventing leaks and preserving freshness has made it a go-to technology for packagers. However, removing a tamper evident induction seal can present a challenge to many consumers.

In this 30-minute webinar, experts from Selig Group & Enercon Industries will explain how the new TamperSeal™ induction liner and Super Seal™ Pro cap sealer work together to make life easier for consumers and packagers.

  • Find out how TamperSeal™ makes your product tamper evident.
  • Learn how to create a hermetic seal that’s easy for consumers to remove.
  • Discover a new intelligent induction sealer that guides your operators to Achieve a Perfect Seal™.

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